Hameed Ranjha Kinnow

Hameed Ranjha Kinnow was established in 1990 and exports kinnows all over the world. Today Hameed Ranjha Kinnow is leading grower, processors & exporters of Kinnow Mandarin.

Hameed kinnow Processing Factory believes in quality produce and therefore emphasis that all inputs are in best conditions. To achieve our objectives we make sure that fruits are grown in perfect conditions and all pre-harvest requirements like fertilizer and water are timely given.

In 2012 we started our own transport company (Qaiser Ranjha Transporter) and now we export fruits and vegetable in many countries of the world.  

We also emphasis on post harvest techniques and therefore we import all our detergents, fungicides and waxes from European Union countries and in accordance to compliance of international standards. Our Kinnow is processed on highly advanced plant to ensure best possible quality.